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We run programmes that provide people with the tools to reclaim the sea as a safe space through swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding lessons.  


Our Plymouth Programme

We launched our first programme in June 2022 in Plymouth, UK. 

In partnership with Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support and Groundswell UK, we ran swim, SUP and surf lessons for eight refugee women who have been resettled to the local area. We  used a holistic, trauma-informed approach in our programme design.

The sessions were run at a number of locations around Devon. 

learn more about our Plymouth programme  here 


Interested in getting involved as a volunteer? Let us know using our contact page. 

Our aims

Our programmes have multiple aims. 



On a basic level, we hope to teach people to swim and surf, increasing their quality of life and allowing them to access the full benefits of living in a coastal region. 



By teaching these skills, we hope to enable people to transform the sea from a space of trauma to a space of freedom, healing, and fun. 



This transformation has the potential to allow people to access the therapeutic benefits of the sea - see our Blog post on surf therapy for more details. Unlike many forms of therapy, sea-based therapy is a therapeutic intervention which can be accessed sustainably by participants once they have learnt the basics. 



Learning a new skill - whether it's surfing or cooking - can instil a new sense of self-confidence and self-belief in people. This can have an impact on other areas of a person's life. 



   Our programmes will enable participants to become involved in local communities of swimmers, surfers, paddleboarders and other water users. We believe in the power of community, and hope that many beautiful friendships can grow from our programmes.

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