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Protecting the right to asylum and the right to protest in the UK is part of the same fight

Reclaim The Sea founder Tigs writes about the attack on asylum rights and the right to protest in the UK after being arrested for protesting against the Anti-Refugee Act.

No one is safe until we are all safe. This was a phrase casually thrown around during the Covid era, in a nod to the idea of global solidarity facing a common enemy. Of course, this so-called solidarity was one riddled with inequality, and we have already slipped back into our old ways – every person for themselves.

This has been the persistent rhetoric of the Tory government regarding migrants and people seeking asylum. They never say that people want to come to this country, be included in society, contribute to said society, and find safety alongside British citizens. Instead, British citizens are pitted against people seeking asylum, resulting in a pervasive zero-sum game mindset.

Read the rest here at shado.mag - and check out the rest of their amazing journalism!

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