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Brainstorm - Abdul Rahman Katanani

This incredible piece is by Abdul Rahman Katanani, a Palestinian contemporary artist.

Abdul was born, and grew up, in the Sebra refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, in the shadow of one of the most brutal massacres against Palestinian people.

His body of work explores multiple themes including his own childhood experiences, the invisibility of those being displaced, and the politics of migration.

The photograph shown above displays a politically inspired piece representing the hostility and unforgiving nature of Europe’s sea borders. The wave’s scale and dynamic nature hints to the need for revolt and the possibility of change. Yet this is juxtaposed with the restrictive nature of the barbed wire.

As Europe’s approach to sea borders becomes increasingly violent, Abdul’s work serves as a stark reminder to rise up against policies inflicting danger on those forced to flee.

Check out more of Abdul's work on his website:

Copyright: Paul Hennebelle

Courtesy of Saleh Barakat Gallery

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